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Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Rolando L. Rios is a San Antonio law firm, founded in 1983. The Firm is dedicated to providing clients with professional, knowledgeable and attentive legal, counseling, and legislative services. The Firm centers its practice in the areas of federal and state civil litigation, specializing in immigration, voting, election, municipal, public interest, water and tort law.
Voting Rights & Civil Rights


Is your Right to Vote being violated every time you vote? It might be! Most people think that by casting a vote their voting right is protected; however, in reality the effectiveness of your vote depends on what election system is used in your community: wards, single member districts, at large voting, etc.  All these different systems can debase or dilute your vote. Diluting your vote is in violation of the law.


Mr. Rios has a deep history in representing clients who have had thier voting rights violated. If you want an analysis of your right to vote, contact us and provide us with the requested information; we will then provide you with a 2 page brief analysis of your local election systems and wether or not they could be violating federal law. 


For a full list of voting rights cases litigated by this firm, click here

Federal Civil Seizure & Interpleaders Procedings


If the government has seized any of your assets in a civil proceeding, you do have the right to protect yourself and your property. Our firm has experience in representing persons who have had their assets seized by the government. 

Personal Injury

Our firm has been involved in many cases in which clients suffered serious personal injuries due to car accidents. The firm has successfully obtained injury settlements involving millions of dollars. Contact our office for a free consultation. 

Redistricting Law


The 2000 United States Census triggered an enormous, once in a decade, set of legal and legislative procedures designed at shifting democratic political power, which is known as "Redistricting."


Redistricting will have an impact on all levels of jurisdictions. Every Legislature in the United States will redraw their respective legislative districts; all 254 Texas counties will review their commissioner, justice of the peace and constable precincts for possible redistricting and thousands of cities, school districts, water, hospital and utility districts will also review their election districts.


If you or someone you love has been affected by an immigration issue, the Law Office of Rolando L. Rios can help. Schedule a consultation to evaluate your options. 

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