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The Law Offices of Rolando L. Rios is a San Antonio law firm, founded in 1983. The Firm is dedicated to providing clients with professional, knowledgeable and attentive legal, counseling, and legislative services. The Firm centers its practice in the areas of federal and state civil litigation, including administrative, civil rights, constitutional, election, environmental justice, immigration, municipal, non-profit, public interest, school and water law and legislative consulting and litigation.

Voting Rights


Is your Right to Vote being violated every time you vote? It might be! Most people think that by casting a vote their voting right is protected; however, in reality the effectiveness of your vote depends on what election system is used in your community: wards, single member districts, at large voting, etc.  All these different systems can debase or dilute your vote. Diluting your vote is in violation of the law.

News & Publications

"Hard to Count" (HTC) Census Tracts

Click the link below to learn which areas in Texas counties are “hard to count” leading up to the state census. This is important because if we can’t accurately count the people living in these regions, our state won’t receive adequate federal funding to support our realistic needs.

"Lawsuit threatened if SAISD fails to OK minority voting plan"


The San Angelo Independent School District has been promised a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice by a group of local citizens if the board of trustees does not approve a redistricting plan that creates a second Hispanic voting district.

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